Four Super Easy Steps to Give Your Open House an Edge

Four Super Easy Steps to Give Your Open House an Edge

Four Super Easy Steps to Give Your Open House an Edge

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Four Super Easy Steps to Give Your Open House an Edge


When preparing for an open house, it's easy to overlook preparations that might help you attract a buyer. After all, so much is happening, that many of us may let small things slip. If you're preparing for an open house soon, here is what you need to double check before you open your doors.




You want your potential buyers to feel like they are guests being welcomed into your home. One excellent way to make them feel more comfortable is to have something baked for them to snack on. While you may or may not have the time and skill to bake fresh cookies, if you do choose to make them, do it just before your open house is scheduled, if possible. That way, the lingering smell from the oven can fill the house.


If food isn't feasible, do something else to make your visitors feel welcome and valuable. You could do a raffle or giveaway, or have a coffee station on hand. If you are acting as a host, make sure you put your phone away. You want to be available for questions, so keep your digital devices somewhere safe. Have talking points prepared in advance, not only to answers queries, but to best sell the idea of your home.


Think Comfort


If your guests don't feel physically comfortable in your home, they may keep that association when it comes to making a decision. Therefore, make your home as pleasing as possible. If the weather outside is extreme, adjust the thermostat. You may have to spend a little extra this month to keep the home cool or warm, but it will be worth it if you close a successful sale. This way, no one is focused on how uncomfortable they are, which could leave a negative impression.


To keep your home in your guests' memories, you may want to provide a goodie bag for them to grab on their way out. A nice treat to go with a brochure from your home may put you just ahead of the competition and may be the difference you need to complete a sale.


Get Technical


Another way to stay just one step ahead of the competition is to use technology to your advantage. Talk to your agent about where they are listing your home, and see if you can expand your advertisements online. By putting up ads on various websites, many of which are free, you can thereby expand your potential audience. You might save paper and forgo the traditional sign in sheet and use an electronic tablet instead. By having digital access to this information, you're less likely to lose it and it's easy to import and to transfer. It's also a simple way for people to check in once they arrive to the open house.


When it comes to selling a home, knowledge is power. You can search online to find out the prices of nearby homes so that you can be competitive. For example, the average cost for a home in Seattle, Washington, is $720,000.


Keep Things Tidy


A messy home is one that won't do well during an open house. Even a home that is clean, but cluttered, comes across as dirty and uncared for. Keep things looking nice by removing extra goods. If you can reduce the contents of each room by half, do so. If not, reduce it by as much as possible even if that means temporarily renting a storage shed to hold your personal items. You want the home to be open, easy to navigate and seem spacious. That means emptying closets and cabinets, not just moving furniture.


Once things are cleared, go through the home and clean deeply. Get every corner, especially ones that you might typically overlook. Get the baseboards and wipe down or even vacuum the curtains. On the day of the open house, turn on all the lights including in closets and bathrooms to keep guests feeling as if they can look around anywhere.


If you want to stay competitive, you need to do all you can during your open house to be alluring and welcoming.


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